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Have you ever hopped into the wrong car? Kick that awkward encounter to the curb.
The data breach involved current and former Uber drivers, and the company has notified attorneys general in states where
It's an increasingly inescapable truth that no industry, no technology, and no way of doing things is safe from startups. We saw it with music distribution, then film distribution, and now we're seeing it with hiring cars, renting a place to stay, and grocery shopping.
Incidents involving Uber -- such as the alleged kidnapping and rape of a young female passenger on Dec. 6. -- are not limited
The hearing comes as Uber faces setbacks to its legal status all over the world, begging the question of what the company
Uber's investors are apparently unfazed by bad press. In recent months, the company has had to apologize for a top executive
If you want to pull down close to $90,000 a year as an Uber driver, you'll need to spend most of your waking hours behind the wheel working.
Industrialists who built the railroads and core infrastructure in the 19th century exploited labor, corrupted governments, and built monopolies. Uber is also exploiting labor to some extent, but its disrepute is largely because of its arrogance and frat-boy behavior -- not only its business practices. And this behavior is only slowing the company down.
Anyone else offended by @uber for this shameless "celebration" of teachers who have to drive taxis to make ends meet? http