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Have you ever hopped into the wrong car? Kick that awkward encounter to the curb.
The company has raised more than $4 billion from prominent venture capital firms such as Benchmark and Google Ventures, valuing
It's an increasingly inescapable truth that no industry, no technology, and no way of doing things is safe from startups. We saw it with music distribution, then film distribution, and now we're seeing it with hiring cars, renting a place to stay, and grocery shopping.
The checklist comes in the form of an in-app pop-up screen, encouraging riders to make sure that they get into the correct
Taxi drivers say the withholding by Uber is just the latest in the company's flaunting of local laws in areas ranging from
"The events of the recent weeks have shown us that we also need to invest in internal growth and change," CEO Travis Kalanick
If you want to pull down close to $90,000 a year as an Uber driver, you'll need to spend most of your waking hours behind the wheel working.
Industrialists who built the railroads and core infrastructure in the 19th century exploited labor, corrupted governments, and built monopolies. Uber is also exploiting labor to some extent, but its disrepute is largely because of its arrogance and frat-boy behavior -- not only its business practices. And this behavior is only slowing the company down.
Uber's post reflects the sad reality that many teachers take part-time jobs to make ends meet. In 2011, the Association of
If Plouffe's move is a canary in a generational cage, it could be that the Millennials will be far harder for our conventional business and political structures to handle than anyone has fully realized.
The taxi, car and rideshare app has teamed up with United Airlines, so now you can book an Uber car right from the United
Some people prefer to roll up to a party in an expensive sports car or limousine; others prefer to show up in a Transformer
If you have the Uber app, you can click on the Uber option right in Google Maps to call a car to your location. (Of course
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Uber, the red-hot rides start-up known for jacking up town-car fares, is taking the opposite approach
In its apparent mission to make everything available on-demand, Uber is following up its hysteria-inducing kitten deliveries
Terrie Prosper, a spokeswoman for the California Public Utilities Commission, could not immediately comment on Uber's new