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Uber is the modern day chariot, a magical steed that whisks you away to overly expensive brunch spots and rescues you from the aggressive, frustrated and transparently thirsty men who will hook up with someone that night or ruin yours trying. However, I don't think Uber is fulfilling it's potential.
The so-called "e-hail" app requirement is the latest response to the shockwaves sent through the taxi industry by the growing
Your Uber ride is about to get a bit more personal. The taxi app announced on Monday that it's partnering with Spotify. In the very near future you'll be able to listen to your specific playlists during your Uber ride.
Your Uber ride is about to get a bit more personal.
Anyone else offended by @uber for this shameless "celebration" of teachers who have to drive taxis to make ends meet? http
In its apparent mission to make everything available on-demand, Uber is following up its hysteria-inducing kitten deliveries
Is there room enough in the Big Apple for Uber and GetTaxi and Hailo (the NYC Yellow Cab App)? Absolutely. Will you develop
So Uber doesn't come cheap, but it does provide travelers with an alternative to waiting for inconsistent taxis or Detroit's
Licensing to insure safety and accountability makes sense. It's reasonable to expect the equipment is safe and well maintained and businesses are accountable. But when it comes to the taxicab sector, what we have in many cities is an industry micro-managed by local government.
The fare flare-up marks Uber's second New York headache in only a few weeks. Earlier this month, the startup pulled its taxi
Are the days of hopelessly waving one's hand in the air as occupied cabs stream past finally over? A new crop of startups
Many higher-end car services require you to call them well in advance and they're often fairly pricey. But Uber is a car service that is as simple to use as calling a taxi.
Without a surge pricing mechanism, there is no way to clear the market. Fixed or capped pricing, and you have the taxi problem