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Uber's New York general manager Josh Mohrer thinks Mayor Bill de Blasio's move to cap the car service is unrelated to a city
At war with the ride-hailing juggernaut, New York’s mayor wants to talk about ideology, not taxis.  
Bad, unresponsive government policy created Uber’s business opportunity. Good government policy can take it away.
Tuesday's announcement also comes on the heels of the company reducing UberX fares in New York City by 20 percent -- a temporary
“Uber prices will still be higher," Lyft CEO John Zimmer told TechCrunch. "What does a price decrease mean when there is
In recent months, the company has taken steps to settle its disputes with authorities. The California Public Utilities Commission
The fare flare-up marks Uber's second New York headache in only a few weeks. Earlier this month, the startup pulled its taxi