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If Uber and Lyft choose to take their fight to the state level against basic local safety standards, the results may undermine the will of the voters and would certainly demonstrate a disregard for local democracy.
My feet were in such pain by the time I got home, from standing in those high, high heels, but I had been selected as an extra, and for several days I got to watch Prince perform all of those songs he played in the movie Purple Rain.
7. Assess the luggage scenario: Most drivers assist with baggage. I appreciate a driver who loads mine in the trunk; however
Hundreds of thousands of drivers. Millions of users. Billions in VC funding. $51 billon valuations. After seeing the explosive
Alejandro Done will serve up to 12 years in prison for raping a young female passenger.
Robots taking human jobs means that those humans can spend their time doing higher-valued work that will drive even more progress, which is especially good news for less-desirable professions like long-haul trucking, which is actually facing a worsening shortage of workers.
ROME -- The contrast between Europe's resistance to Uber and America's warmer reception for the ride-sharing service highlights once again how European regulatory structures, in principle designed to protect consumers, end up protecting entrenched suppliers and stifling innovation.
If you want to pull down close to $90,000 a year as an Uber driver, you'll need to spend most of your waking hours behind the wheel working.
Uber confirmed the incident happened and said the driver's account has since been deactivated, the Post reports. Simonetti
Some people prefer to roll up to a party in an expensive sports car or limousine; others prefer to show up in a Transformer
Uber recently won a state court victory in Massachusetts, where the city of Cambridge unsuccessfully sued to try to overturn
In a statement to the Washington Post, Linton says that there is "nothing in the proposed Modern Taximeter System regulations
Earlier this month, after Uber started offering the ability to call regular cabs in addition to town cars in Chicago, a coalition
Smart phone app-based car service Uber is launching an experimental program in Chicago that adds taxis to the lineup, in