UC Berkeley

Gabriel Trujillo, a 31-year-old Ph.D. student doing fieldwork in Sonora, Mexico, was shot seven times in his car by an unknown suspect.
A professor at the University of California, Berkeley, whose identity as Native American had been questioned for years, has apologized for falsely identifying as Indigenous.
The class will examine the rapper in "the context of broader historical-social structures & hip hop feminisms," a professor said.
“I said, ‘I can handle them!’” the speaker of the House said when asked what was “going through her mind” on Jan. 6, 2021.
The California university had been blocked from admitting around 3,000 students — or a third of its incoming freshman class — due to a local lawsuit.
The prestigious university will have to reduce its incoming freshman class by almost one-third after the California Supreme Court upheld a lower court’s ruling limiting enrollment.
After what the university called an “unprecedented” ruling, it may be forced to slash its incoming freshman class by one-third.
“This is the first time I’ve heard that maybe I did something that wasn’t right,” Richard Blum told a California newspaper. “I think it’s a bunch of nonsense.”
Dr. Michael Drake will be the first person of color to lead the major university system in its 152-year history.
Multiple people were arrested. One woman interrupted the right-wing author's address, calling her a "Nazi."