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Katehi has come under scrutiny since the Sacramento Bee published documents it said showed the university paid consultants to quash negative posts about the school.
His address and other personal information were posted online afterward, and he received scores of death threats. University
Some 21 protesters will receive $30,000 each. Most were students demonstrating against tuition hikes on Nov. 18, 2011. Another
As access to consumer video equipment has increased, so has the opportunity for citizen journalists and bystanders to capture violations they witness.
The UCPD has a long history of being cited for using aggressive tactics on student protesters, dating back to at least 2004
Students and alumni pepper sprayed at close range by University of California, Davis campus police will receive a settlement
"There is little factual basis supporting Lt. Pike’s belief that he was trapped by the protesters or that his officers were
Lt. John Pike, the UC Davis police officer who became a focal point of last November's pepper spraying incident during a
The campus police officers' union, the Federated University Police Officers Association, argued releasing their names would
The report was broken down into nine specific areas. Here's a summary of their conclusions: In large part, Edley and Robinson
if any other Republican presidential candidate were to have stopped by the UC Davis quad to give a campaign speech last week, there's little doubt in my mind that it would have been overshadowed by some form of protest.
Remember those videos of campus police pepper spraying seated students in the face at UC Davis last November? Old news, right? Well, it has taken all this time for the task force appointed by the UC president to make its report public.
The task force report on the controversial pepper-spraying of student protesters at the University of California, Davis concluded
Police and their attorneys have not yet seen the report, according to John Bakhit, who represents the officers, but they
The chances of an American dying in a terrorist incident in a given year are 1 in 3.5 million. To reduce that risk, to make something minuscule even more minuscule, what has the nation spent? What has it cost us?
This uprising is the biggest reason for hope in 2012. The following are 12 ways the Occupy movement and other major trends of 2011 offer a foundation for a transformative 2012.
UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi has stated that she tried to meet with students who were pepper-sprayed but was rebuffed. This came as a surprise to Jerika Heinze, who says she has been contacting the Chancellor's office nearly every day asking for a meeting.
Nelson started contacting artists he knew and artists that he had heard of through the various protests. Nelson enlisted