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Student commencement speech given on May 14, 2016 at the University of California, Merced for the 11th commencement for the
The student stabbed four people and was shot dead by police last fall at UC Merced.
A two-page "manifesto" in Faisal Mohammad's pocket listed a specific target he planned to attack for removing him from a study group, police said.
"The cops on campus, oh my gosh, praise them because they stopped a threat, but this first guy, he stopped a death."
Though a 4.2 percent admissions rate for black students "remains a difficult issue for the university," a school official
Imagine the surprise of students on guest worker visas when, after arriving at UC, they are told that although the contract the union negotiated states that health care coverage is available to all postdocs, it will not be extended to them.
More and more schools are taking initiative to decrease their environmental impact -- but only a few can take the top green
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