Not really! I wish they would- I could start a collection! Someone told me Amy Poehler played Rachel McAdams' mom in Mean
Female comics are using private Facebook groups to warn each other about alleged abusers.
There is so much to be excited about in regards to the upcoming Brooklyn Comedy Festival (Aug. 22-28).
Follow @JulieKlausner, @BillyEichner and @DifficultonHulu on Twitter for the latest Season 2 updates. The show's creator
The Chris Gethard Show is a relatively new comedy variety show that's been on the air for one full season on the cable channel
Catch the The Chris Gethard Show on Fusion. If you're in the tri-state area, request tickets to taping. Luckily, before the
I swear I have the same experience on branded content campaigns. This is a made-up example, but I bet it will ring true to
Take a listen to their exclusive interview (full-length version here) for readers of The Huffington Post, first in character, and then as politically engaged comedians who eloquently analyze what they're doing.
Amy Poehler inspires countless people every day, and is a wealth of both comedy and excellent advice. She knows the value of an open mind in today's quote.