What inspired you to write M.I.L.P.? Not really! I wish they would- I could start a collection! Someone told me Amy Poehler
Female comics are using private Facebook groups to warn each other about alleged abusers.
There is so much to be excited about in regards to the upcoming Brooklyn Comedy Festival (Aug. 22-28).
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and... ...to the rapping and dancing moment as seen in the photo below. Chris Gethard is the show's host, creator, and producer
Vacation Jason showed up to reek havoc, protest social norms, eat the core of his apple, all while doing the first barefoot
I swear I have the same experience on branded content campaigns. This is a made-up example, but I bet it will ring true to
Take a listen to their exclusive interview (full-length version here) for readers of The Huffington Post, first in character, and then as politically engaged comedians who eloquently analyze what they're doing.
Amy Poehler inspires countless people every day, and is a wealth of both comedy and excellent advice. She knows the value of an open mind in today's quote.
Is your chance of finding love ... remote? So you've tried all the dating apps out there right? Tinder, Plenty Of Fish, Hinge
And you thought onions made you cry ... And then one of the vegetables screams, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" It happens so naturally
H/T Reddit Will Stephen, a performer at the Upright Citizens Brigade, put together a -- let's call it "unique" -- TED Talk
Don't skip the ad on this YouTube video! Oh, did you already skip? Well, we don't blame you, but you missed the actual sketch
It's got to be tough being a news anchor these days. Almost the entirety of the job is filmed and broadcast to a wide audience
"She's definitely a girl," he decides. "So she likes all of the things that girls like. Like cigarettes and binoculars. And
Following on the heels of "The Onion" and John Oliver's recent pieces on the events in Ferguson, Missouri, UCB sketch group