The singer reportedly experienced an E.T. encounter that was "warm and loving and accepting."
The Pentagon was given six months to present its findings on UFOs, also known as “unidentified aerial phenomena," after establishing a UAP Task Force.
A report summarizing what the U.S. knows about “unidentified aerial phenomena” — better known as UFOs — is expected to be made public this month.
Rudy Giuliani is getting into bed with Mike Lindell, the CEO of MyPillow, and hawking his products.
A long-awaited report on unexplained objects will be released soon, but it won't hold many firm conclusions about the sightings, The New York Times says.
Peter Doocy noted that Barack Obama recently commented about aliens and asked the president his thoughts.
The former president teased that there were "some things I just can't tell you on air."
The singer hopes to convince her friends, family and fans that intelligent beings from beyond Earth are already here.
A series of blinking, pyramid-shaped "unidentified aerial phenomena" were filmed by a Navy pilot over a U.S. destroyer off the coast of San Diego.
"We had something just go over the top of us that — I hate to say this — looked like a long, cylindrical object," reported the pilot in a radio transmission.