Working this last month with Students Against House Bill 51 at the Georgia state Capitol has reminded me of my own time as
She was there for others. After graduation, Mrs. Hunter-Gault went on to give fifty years to a trailblazing career in journalism
When No. 2 Alabama and No. 3 Georgia take the field for the SEC Championship game Saturday, the noise will be deafening. But the uproar has already begun, with a swarm of coverage that has transformed a conference championship into a playoff for the national title.
You will likely find yourself doing something no one like you -- no one your color, your gender, speaking your language, coming from your place of birth -- has done before. When that happens, you may find yourself with an opportunity to lead a personal Parade with Purpose.
The staff of The Red & Black, the independent student newspaper located at the University of Georgia, has resigned over issues
To me, there is nothing quite as fascinating as sitting on my couch on a Saturday and watching some college football. Sure
We crunched all of the top mascot lists and aggregated them into one ultimate rankings.
Unfortunately, commentators have occasionally confused their anger and condemnation of some of the more overheated rhetoric in our political culture with an argument against free speech itself.
2011 marks the 50th anniversary of the desegregation of the University and the Office of Institutional Diversity is holding
Keep your eyes out for a cameo appearance by Georgia head football coach Mark Richt. WATCH: Ah, the sounds that another school
Damon Evans' DUI arrest certainly represents a failing, and it's appropriate that he has been removed from his post as the University of Georgia's Athletic Director. But is he really the total "scumbag" of his current media portrayal?
College students carried signs warning Georgia's lawmakers that they vote. They reminded budget writers that today's college
Georgia's college students are tired of being stuck in the middle. Since learning that hundreds of millions of dollars could