POST-PURCHASE Even after a consumer has made a purchase, there is still opportunity for brands to tap into the influence
Encouraging Uploads To riff off the success of unboxing, brands should include unique, branded hashtags within packaging
And the fun doesn't start on Halloween itself, as most consumers celebrate the season all month-long. By encouraging shoppers
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What happens when 12 million people are provided with an almost unlimited variety of immersive virtual environments where they can explore, create, and learn with their friends?
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User generated content (UGC) can be a brand's best friend. Or it can fall flat on its face. The difference lies in finding a genuine fit between content and partner that resonates with and compels the target demographic.
Recently I was asked what young creative types should study in order to be successful in today's digital-centric world. My answer: Read The Iliad and The Odyssey
CANNES - The "Entertainment Experience," a film project lead by Dutch-born Hollywood actor Paul Verhoeven, consisting of
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Marketers today face an incredible challenge -- cutting through the clutter to capture the attention of the most highly fragmented audience in history.
The "smart metadata" gathered using the Behavio technology could potentially provide journalists with a game-changing amount of new information about the conditions under which a certain image was captured.
What YouTube has done is smart on a number of levels. Clearly more and more people are watching video on their tablets and
From those numbers, it's rather easy to understand how services such as Hulu, Boxee and Apple TV have become so popular. You
Rather than waste time trying to silence the websites that host consumer reviews, or the consumers themselves, local businesses would be better served to channel their energy towards maximizing the value of this new medium.