For Teen Vogue, by Avery Matera.  In the early aughts, Ugg boots were the ultimate wardrobe staple. You’d be hard-pressed
Guess It's time to dust off your Tevas because America's most practical sandal is here to stay -- for now at least. We knew
his year the Ugg frenzy may be even bigger than usual.
Seeking to avoid the fashion dustbin of history, Ugg Australia is plugging away at diversifying its brand. It launches a
The Ugg look in 2004. Fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen likened Ugg boots to Air Jordan, Nike's famed sneaker brand that rose
Despite having fallen out of favor as the trendiest footwear, Google's data shows that Uggs are still holding strong, and
If you're in the market for new winter boots and you want something that kind of looks like UGGs but not really, you're in
Admit it: you've got at least one pair lurking in your closet.
All of the comfort with none of the UGG-ness.
Directioners also took to Tumblr to express their amusement, posting photos of the boots along with captions like "hashtag
In recent years, we've seen schools ban everything from Silly Bandz and skinny jeans, to dictionaries and saying the word
We just want to know one final thing: why isn't UGG spokesmodel Tom Brady modeling them?? CORRECTION: A previous version
The Sartorialist must be getting bored of fashion week street style. He just posted a blog about how to wear Ugg boots. (Refinery29
Beyond our recommendation not to take medical advice from journalists, we'd offer another tip: if you're going to insult