For the record, I like cats. So I am not condoning Uggie's actions here, even though he does appear to have a legitimate
On Friday, the Avengers will face their cutest competition yet: Uggie the dog. That's because the Weinstein Company will
In 2011, stars including Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn made an appearance at the party, where President Obama notoriously
Uggie, the breakout star from Best Picture frontrunner "The Artist" (or maybe the only cast member whose name Americans can
In honor of Uggie, who probably won't attend the 84th annual Academy Awards on Sunday night, we've compiled all of the dog's
[via Ottawa Citizen] In your required Uggie news of the day, Reuters is reporting that the breakout non-human star of "The
"My favorite skits are the ones where important people get bested by mischievous dogs. I can picture Uggie swiping Billy's