ugly food

In our beauty-obsessed society, we demonize anything less than perfect, including fruits and vegetables. “Ugly” food is the
While grocery shopping one day, I realized I’d spent close to 30 minutes just in the produce section, meticulously choosing
These fruits and veggies deserve a spot in the limelight.
These veggies were too “ugly” for supermarkets’ cosmetic standards and were headed for the trash, so we used them to make this elegant deconstructed salad.
"I think we’ve done society a great disservice in creating an expectation for things that are predictable and identical,” one advocate says.
An oddly shaped vegetable is still perfectly edible!
"Food doesn't have to be perfect looking to taste great."
We asked attendees at the Food Loves Tech event in New York City what they thought of ugly produce. This is what they had to say.
Why not take these few simple steps now to reduce your food waste to help our existing and future water woes (and your wallet)?
The United States has a long way to go, but unattractive fruits and vegetables are increasingly earning deserved attention
Elizabeth Bennett sees opportunities in the imperfect, the discarded, the undesirable. Put another way, she's a big fan of ugly.
Liver, oysters, squid -- there's a reason you don't see these foods on the cover of glossy food magazines very often. Dishes