ugly produce

While many are saying 2016 was a horrible year (for many reasons around the world), something great did happen. That something is the rise of the ugly produce movement.
Turns out there's nutrition in all those knobby features.
The power of our collective action has convinced Whole Foods Market and Walmart to start selling ugly produce. #UglyReallyIsBeautiful is now more than a mo-ment, it is officially a move-ment to get all grocers in the U.S. selling (not rejecting) ugly produce.
Nearly 800 million people are hungry, yet about 40% of food goes uneaten.
On Tuesday July 20th, thanks to an overwhelming crowdfunding effort, I delivered the #WhatTheFork Walmart petition, complete with over 140,000 signatures of support, to Walmart staff in Bentonville, Arkansas. Walmart's plans with "ugly" produce may not be what they seem and here are my top five reasons why.