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The newspaper shared images of the raid on its Instagram account: Guzha said that the purpose of the raid was "to block our
Far more than being simply a source for news and current events, newspapers and other mass media outlets provide a voice for the people as well as a place where officials can be held accountable and questioned by any and all citizens.
The campaign by pro-Russian separatists to muzzle local Ukrainian journalists appears to be succeeding. Scores of foreign
The group said that anti-Kiev rebels are targeting local media, as journalists continue to gain the trust of the Eastern
DONETSK, Ukraine, April 27 (Reuters) - Pro-Russian separatists on Sunday seized control of the offices of regional state
NEW YORK -- Vice News correspondent Simon Ostrovsky, who has been held by pro-Russia separatists in Eastern Ukraine since Monday, has been released.
On Wednesday, BuzzFeed's Max Seddon likened the situation in Slovyansk, where Ostrovsky was held, to "Lord of the Flies, only
Oleksandr Panteleymonov, the acting head of Ukraine's state television stations, had his office in Kiev invaded by members
This video reportedly shows far-right members of the Ukrainian parliament beating up the CEO of one of the country's state
"Just a couple of hours ago the management of our hotel where we've been staying now for over a week, we've got a team here
Russian state media has amplified the voices of Crimeans dissatisfied with the central Ukrainian government, while ignoring
For weeks, press freedom groups and Ukranian NGO's have been highlighting the dangers members of the media are facing as
Press freedom groups are sounding the alarm about the intensely dangerous situation journalists are facing during the political