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The Russian president repeated his claim that Ukraine is "being managed from the outside."
Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko, wearing the uniform of the armed forces supreme commander, said in a midnight televised
These are just four reasons why a large cross-section of Americans, Europeans, Ukrainians, and Russians label a further militarization of the Ukrainian conflict as a bad idea.
Asked what he expected from the West, Poroshenko said: "We still need a lot of military, technical and specialist help to
Alexander Zakharchenko, the current rebel prime minister whose campaign advertisements are plastered across Donetsk, is almost
But the truce has come under great pressure this past week. Two Ukrainian service staff were killed in the past 24 hours
Krivenko, of the presidential human rights council, said Russia's failure to admit that its soldiers are in Ukraine is part
In Donetsk, some residents complained of sporadic shelling overnight. All was quiet on Saturday in and around Mariupol, whose
Poroshenko, in a phone conversation with European Council President Herman Van Rompuy on Monday, expressed "extraordinary
A Ukrainian military spokesman said on Tuesday that separatists in eastern Ukraine have shot down a government fighter plane
Western countries and Kiev fear that Russian President Vladimir Putin - whose forces annexed Crimea from Ukraine in March
The crisis in Ukraine continues to get worse against a backdrop of conflicting signals. Pro-Russian separatists have called for a ceasefire but Ukrainian forces continue to pound them in Donetsk.
The Ukraine government said it would suspend a ceasefire now in the area until an international team of experts was ready
U.S. intelligence says the MH17 was shot down by the rebels Girkin claims to command. Since the disaster, Girkin has relished
Chancellor Merkel has to face the fact that her predecessor, also a chancellor, was one of the creators of Europe's dependence
"We're currently in discussions with our European allies precisely with respect to what the next steps will be," Kerry said
KIEV, July 20 (Reuters) - A pro-Russian rebel who calls himself "Novorossiya", or New Russia, on Twitter tweeted on Sunday
The downing of a MH17 apparently by Russian backed separatists in the Ukraine did something that few thought could happen. It has gotten GOP leaders momentarily to agree with President Obama when he pointed the finger squarely at Russia for the horrific attack. But don't expect the GOP's hand hold with Obama to last.
We discussed the shooting down of Malaysian Airlines flight 17, the Russian-made Buk-M1 2 Missile System and the criminal charges against FedEx on The Weekend Show with Kenny Shelton Saturday July 19, 2014 on The Virginia Talk Radio Network.