Obviously, you want to look good since you'll be capturing every moment on Snapchat and Instagram. But remember, music festivals = sweaty people, mud, spilled drinks, and other ick. If it's not washable or disposable, don't bring it.
The festival was crazy. The outfits were crazier.
165,000 electronic music fans are set to take over the city's Bayfront Park.
An intimate look at Kygo, who was the fastest artist to hit 1 billion streams on Spotify.
As though all that wasn't enough, Louis The Child has a charitable side. They're releasing a remix package of "It's Strange
As someone who lives two blocks away and is not cool with losing the park for a month (I use it daily to walk the dog) I still say let Ultra stay, but like barely.
19. But the truly special people are the ones who bring their children to festivals. Once you've gotten over the fact that
Paris Hilton stopped by the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, because that's what all good DJs do. And of course, being Paris
Ultra, dude, you're growing up, and so is the hood around you -- maybe it's time to move the party west.
In 2013, EDC attracted 345,000 people to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for an all-night dance party headlined by superstar
2. That girl who sits on her boyfriend's shoulders for an entire set. Take a pic for Instagram and get down so we can see
The fact of the matter is that, in a capitalist system, good operators and poor operators land on two sides of the fence
Check out her amazing pics below, and mark your calendars: organizers have already announced the fest will be back March
When it comes to the Anjunabeats compilations, there's a preconception that mixes are sometimes just put out quickly. And
Organizers are doubling down on the pleasure and fun, hosting not one but two weekends of EDM. But can the music fest possibly
Last year's festival included sets by Avicii, Skrillex, David Guetta, Tiesto, Armin Van Buuren, New Order and Kraftwek. Madonna
There's no word yet on what ticket prices will be, however -- just that each weekend can be purchased seperately. Next year's