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Abby Stein wanted nothing to do with God after she left her Hasidic community. But she soon realized that something was missing from her life.
It's great to be part of a community. In a community, such as the various Jewish communities, you have people to turn to, who will mobilize for you and share your joys and your challenges. Except when you don't.
"It was absolutely devastating," former Hasidic Jew Shulem Deen said.
Shira Rubin contributed reporting from Bnei Brak. "I want my children to become rabbis," Crombie says, hopeful that they
Abutbul won the election by 758 votes, 51 percent of the ballot, over his secular rival Eli Cohen, the Interior Ministry
The rabbi said during a sermon in August 2010 that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas should "perish from the world" and
In early 2012, a group of ultra-Orthodox men attacked a woman in Beit Shemesh as she was hanging up posters. The men pelted
Religious traditions change radically across time and space. Let Orthodox theology worship the idol of godly and cultural immutability. Modernist theology demands a more sophisticated engagement.
The veil of secrecy around the crime of child abuse [in the Haredi community] was almost overwhelming. The fear people felt
A city DOE spokeswoman said that a situation "regarding requirements" was brought to their attention about a year ago, but
Zwiebel acknowledged that such rabbinic involvement could cause friction with law enforcement. In a May 17 interview with
It is well known that in recent times that through the Internet many serious family-related problems have been created, and
All my life I had worked to build my confidence as a member of the LGBT community. And here was a man from halfway around the world whom I had never met before telling me whom to sleep with. This man whom I worked so hard not to stereotype was proving to be ever so stereotypical.
In recent weeks, there have been reports of the escalating tensions in Israel between some in the ultra-Orthodox community and the general Israeli populace.
In an online newsletter, the military said Ravad "apologised for the way in which his view was made public in recent days
Ultra Orthodox Jews continue to push for segregation between men and women in the city of Beit-Shemesh, Israel, as secular