Backyard toys that'll keep your kid busy all summer long.
Special puffin "sunglasses" are in the works to help researchers study the phenomenon on birds in the wild.
A piece of cotton root bark, a twisted metal coat hanger, and a pack of birth control pills are among the objects on display
Contrary to what anti-abortion Republicans trying to defund Planned Parenthood may want you to believe, the organization
In this week's Undercurrent: Uncovered, Brendan Fischer of the Center for Media and Democracy digs into the hypocrisy behind Governor Walker's latest moves on a 20-week abortion ban, and I talk to Shaunna Thomas, the co-founder of the women's rights advocacy organization Ultraviolet, about the real-world impacts of the "war on women."
Another, less provocative video encourages parents to talk about consent with their teenagers: UltraViolet plans to target
You may not think you have any freckles. The video notes that pretty much everyone is born with good skin but mentions skin
Forty years ago today, President Nixon addressed the nation to announce he would be resigning the next day -- the only time in US history this has happened. Today, President Obama announced the US will be dropping bombs on Iraq once again. That's a pretty heavy-duty amount of the past to contemplate, in one week.
The ads are similar to a campaign UltraViolet launched on social media targeting specific schools it claims have a "rape
"Reports of sexual assaults on college campuses are extremely disturbing to all of us at the Princeton Review," Franek said
This comes after former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers withdrew his name from consideration for the nomination on Sunday
After a GOP super PAC resurrected “Slap Hillary,” a game that enables players to hit a cartoon version of the former first
A spokesperson for Fox News did not respond to HuffPost's requests for comment. Fox Business Network has rejected a television
Progressive campaigners and online activists Nita Chaudhary and Shaunna Thomas had an idea for a new kind of women's rights
If you do chose to worship the sun or just have an active, outdoor lifestyle, here are some Do's and Don'ts to consider to slow down the sun's damaging effects.