Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab

Attacks on soft targets have become commonplace and will become even more so with the passage of time.
Maintained by the National Counterterrorism Center, the highly classified database is not a "watchlist" but instead is a
Calabrese continued that, "The scope of this is striking." Though Attorney General Eric Holder signed off on the expansion
The GAO said "hundreds more" foreign citizens were kept off flights after U.S. Customs and Border Protection "determined
Prosecutors said Abdulmutallab had intended to bring down the jet over U.S. soil and was thwarted only by luck. Earlier, he
Abdulmutallab has been charged with eight criminal counts, including attempted use of a criminal weapon and attempted murder
When Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab pleaded guilty last week to the attempted murder of 289 passengers, Obama's critics were notably silent. That's because his plea underscores that U.S. federal courts are the most effective place to try terrorism suspects.
He has pleaded not guilty to eight charges, including conspiracy to commit terrorism and attempted use of a weapon of mass
The new airport security measures demonstrate a frightening willingness on the part of the government regulators to apply an authoritarian, and ultimately nonsensical, logic to a real, but controllable security problem.
If Jeffrey Goldberg's irresponsible myth-building sounds familiar, it's because this is exact the same "journalmalism" technique utilized in the lead-up to the Iraq invasion.
A 35-year old Dutch man has been arrested at Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport as he was trying to board a flight to the Dutch
Enthralled by the economic opportunities of globalization, we are failing to manage the global crisis of cultures that is shattering social and political peace, and turning marginalized youth to violent extremism.
The failure of Shahzad's plot serves as a reminder that the capabilities available to terrorists seeking to harm us are drastically limited. This lesson seems to have been lost on the plethora of terrorism "experts" that took to the airwaves this week.
It was gratifying to see several news accounts yesterday revealing that the FBI finally relied on the "public safety exception" to the Miranda rule to interview the so-called Times Square attempted bomber suspect, Faisal Shahzad.
McCain doesn't seem to know that Mirandizing criminal suspects is something that we do here in America. Especially in instances where the goal is to make the suspect "face charges" that potentially result in a "death sentence."
Does Homeland Security want us to believe that the only terrorists we should fear are those who are already in the United States? These mean are all around the globe; they are not just the guys on no-fly lists.
(AP) WASHINGTON - A video has surfaced showing accused Christmas Day bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab training with al-Qaida