The president keeps the umbrella over his head while the first lady is left out in the rain as they headed to Florida.
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Mark had no longing to play piano or, for that matter, any other musical instrument. He took lessons at age 8 simply because
Rain in Rome is often characterized by heavy showers that don't seem like they will ever let up. Yet they always do, and the sun shines brighter and the sky seems bluer afterwards.
The Lady and The Gentleman (Emily Hinchcliff and Eric Mueller), photo by Jill Emmer (@shineonyoucraydiamond) Eric Ward, photo
H/T Washington Post Still, the photo of Xi stands in stark contrast to the wrenching images of pro-democracy demonstrators
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Ready for Rain Louis Vuitton - 1 East 57th Street - 611 Fifth Avenue Yes, it's an investment. But Vuitton's luggage is durable
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The new umbrella was like a gymnast, turning itself inside out over and over again even in the sparest sprinkle, its spindles
If you're using your umbrella to, say, keep yourself dry in the rain, you're using it wrong. At least, that's the logical
Many couples I photograph plan to have some portion of their wedding outdoors. But what if it rains? The truth is that the rain (or even snow!) can actually add to the beauty of the moment and the style of the photo.
Songwriter and Record Producer The-Dream joins Marc on set to discuss his current and upcoming projects.
11 things you probably didn't know about the Booker Prize: "Now I have to go away and write the third part of this trilogy
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It’s a neat way of juxtaposing calm and colour, moment of serenity against explosions of energy and movement. Using a combination
What Glee shows us is that viewers still hunger for quality. For originality. For something different. For shows that break the mold and succeed in turning old-fashioned into new-fashioned.
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It's close to midnight in a Manhattan recording studio, and a songwriter is listening to a work in progress, one that he
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Here's my Friday assortment of random pictures I took during the past week. Including what can only be described as an umbrella graveyard at Mulberry & Prince.
It's that time of year. The time when the streets are strewn with broken umbrellas. But before you discard that umbrella
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I'm no miss manners, but I've been on both the giving and receiving ends of umbrella faux pas that make life in the city just a little less pleasant for everyone.
Keep dry in sustainable style by supporting companies that are producing environmentally conscious rain gear.
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If you must buy an umbrella, never buy a fancy umbrella. They are so easily and commonly lost, stolen and left behind that it never, ever pays to have an umbrella that you can't bear to lose.