The U.S. is no stranger to discrimination against Muslims. Here's how you can fight back.
"I wish to tell you not only that you are loved but also that you are needed," wrote the Democratic presidential hopeful following the New Zealand mosque shootings.
The life of a non-profit (like Interfaith Alliance) can be like a Venn diagram. We work in coalition with all sorts of groups
Are anti-Arab and anti-Muslim sentiments on the rise in the US? And what are the best ways to combat them? These were some
We live in contradictory and confusing times: on the one hand, we have the cases of widespread murder and mayhem on the basis
Muslims and their interfaith allies are refusing to give bigotry "a free pass."
The documentary aimed to portray the experience of being Muslim in the UK.
Gerald Wallace could face up to 20 years behind bars.
A grand jury charged Darwin Martinez-Torres with the murder and rape of Nabra Hassanen.
By Zoya Hasan, Jawahawlal Nehru University The egregious practice that some Muslim men employ to divorce their wives instantaneously