Coal companies, their lawyers and their hand-picked doctors will go to any length -- ethical or not -- to deny the small monthly benefits that stricken miners are due under the Black Lung Benefits Act.
When a kid snatches an old lady's purse, it's punished as a crime. But when a corporation manipulates bankruptcy law to deny thousands of retired coal miners benefits they labored their entire lives to earn, it's endorsed by federal court.
The United Mine Workers of America says the spin-off was designed to fail, and intended to enable Patriot to dodge retiree
The UMWA has filed legal briefs and contacted the National Register of Historic Places to support the protection of Blair
While I cheered for the miners coming up from the ground beneath the Atacama Desert, it was painful to recognize yet another sign of the dangerous, corporate-driven agenda that has far more regard for the bottom line than for working people.
America needs its own statute -- an Upper Big Branch Law -- holding corporate managers and directors criminally accountable for ditching safety for dollars.
Just as in the coal mines, the destruction of teachers' unions will silence the very voices that need to be heard. Without
Middle class workers are the ones who die in coal mines and on oil rigs. Afterwards, CEOs say anything to save the bottom line -- the one that will determine their bonuses.
All of that would lead workers to believe BP is a safe employer - not like the BP with a refinery in Texas City, Texas that
On Monday, I read through psalm after psalm searching for the "right" one to read at the opening of the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) protest near the Massey Energy shareholders meeting.
How easy to be cynical on this Labor Day, and declare it a day that will live in infamy for coal miners and coalfield residents and green job advocates across the nation.
In a year full of surprises to the conventional political wisdom, Obama's campaign is rocketing to competitiveness in the nearly all-white state of West Virginia.