un climate change summit

When it comes to climate change, the problem and the solution may be one and the same.
Amid all the fanfare around the pledges to fight climate change and global warming, another environmental issue has failed to reach the masses, one that has had devastating and irrevocable ramifications for rural communities worldwide.
As the Smithsonian unveils its new programming around theme of Anthropocene; Earth in the Age of Humans program, it is important to not only underscore that Latinos are actively involved in this issue, but to also understand why too many in our community are negatively impacted by the effects of climate change.
"I ask world leaders to take us all along on your ride," she added. "We won't slow you down. We'll help you win the most
Environmentalist Bill McKibben joins HuffPost Live and talks about what we can do to avoid a real disaster.
A Climate Action Tracker compiled by scientists said the world was headed for a temperature rise of 3.7 degrees Celsius (6.7
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called for urgent action on climate change, saying negotiations on reducing emissions