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U.S.-backed Syrian fighters have surrounded Manbij from three sides.
Without funds to cover all its needs, the agency is prioritizing assistance to people at higher, colder altitudes and then
For all its imperfections, the UN is the sole international institution of indisputable legitimacy; it has to become the functional center for harmonizing mankind's response to a threat far more insidious than any faced in history -- climate change. A new global compact is urgently needed -- one that at long last steps beyond the shadow cast by the Great War over the world for the past one hundred years so that we can transform raison d'état into raison de planète; the reason of state to the reason of the planet.
With or without the backing of a new resolution, the augmented flow of aid would be distributed in country by a network of
History has shown us that instability leads to long periods of extremism and violence that affect the global community. This is a lesson the world should have learned over and over again, yet never seems to take to heart.
UNITED NATIONS, Feb 4 (Reuters) - Western-backed opposition groups in Syria are recruiting refugee children in neighboring
Families trapped in Homs are a small fraction of the quarter of a million Syrians who are living under siege in the country
But only around 70 percent of $1.5 billion pledged at a similar meeting last year has reached U.N. coffers, hinting at donor
The organisation has tried several times over the last few months to reach besieged areas in and around Damascus - especially
"There are people in communities that we have not been able to get to at all, people in communities which are besieged either