unaccompanied children

A county commissioner in Alabama already told the government the children are "not welcome" there.
Having a lawyer can make the difference between asylum and deportation.
Even so, border apprehensions are still down from last year.
The immigration status of many of these children remains in flux.
Stories like his are likely to become more common, as the U.S. this past year hit crisis levels of apprehensions of unaccompanied
Overall, using the term "human" has been disingenuous all along because our government's role in addressing this child influx are false gestures that only attempt to "help" while leaving structural inequalities intact.
Our government isn't really invested in the well being of these children since our policies have played a great role in making them live as adults and placing them in harm's way all their lives.
Why such different regard from the government between these children and their parents when poverty, just like wealth, knows no age, but is rather inherited?
No parent sends a child across the world without a tightening of the chest, an ache in the heart, and prayers that they will be safe. A compassionate policy will not halt this flow of children, but it would recognize the dreams that all parents have for their children's safety and survival.
But Reid and most of his fellow Democrats argue the administration could still speed up the process under current law without
I hope that our country can answer suffering with compassion. I hope we can find solutions to our broken immigration system that work for all of us, immigrant and non-immigrant alike. I hope we can remember that behind all the talk about policy and border security, there are faces with names.
The new bill recognizes that if these children succeed, Maryland succeeds. Hopefully more states will follow the lead of Maryland and a handful of other jurisdictions and close this harmful gap between federal and state laws.
According to Young, the president of KIND, a child with representation is three times more likely to be granted asylum than