unaccompanied minors

Immigrant advocates say the government is using child welfare rights as a political lever to secure more funding.
The plan to lock up more undocumented kids misses what is really driving migrants, advocates say.
The former White House chief of staff was instrumental in President Trump's immigration policy.
Rep. Ted Deutch released data on the claims amid a hearing on the Trump administration's policy of family separations at the border.
Most were unaccompanied minors or families, officials say.
Children are being turned away at the border and face dangerous, life-threatening situations, experts say.
In the past, unaccompanied migrant children who showed up with a lawyer weren’t turned away from seeking asylum, one attorney said. But now they are.
“Our first master is the due process clause of the Constitution,” one immigration judge said. “We’re going to follow the law.”
Confining migrants in a converted big box store is yet another sign of these dark times.
“Once you’re strapped down, they have total control over you,” a Honduran child said about being restrained in a chair for hours at a Virginia facility.
The first lady made a surprise visit to a shelter for migrant children in Texas on Thursday.
The allegations center on a mental health facility in Texas that has had problems in the past.
Last month a Health and Human Services official revealed the government was unable to locate nearly 1,500 children who had been released from its custody.
The attorney general ordered judges to stop administratively closing cases, whether they think it's best or not.
It’s a story that Carrie Calzaretta’s 14-year-old son, Tyler, will probably tell his kids someday. This summer, the Calzarettas