unaccompanied minors crisis

"CPB has just fallen down on the job," she said. "They're just refusing to recognize how serious a problem this is." The
"It shows that people continue to flee violence in Central America; they continue to be affected by poverty and other structural
Other so-called push factors leading minors and families to leave Central American countries, such as extreme violence and
An HHS spokesman said the interim rule was still in the approval process, but did not comment on the Democrats' letter. HHS's
Gingrich wrote in a blog post in June that the number of unaccompanied minors coming to the U.S. was "a direct result of
Stories like his are likely to become more common, as the U.S. this past year hit crisis levels of apprehensions of unaccompanied
Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson announced in a speech on Thursday that according to preliminary data, there were
Johnson said the four individuals were investigated and found to be members of the Kurdish Worker's Party, which he said
Holding her 8-month-old daughter, D.M.L. was present at the hearing -- the second in her family's case -- as an image on
By U.S. law, unaccompanied minors from countries other than Mexico and Canada apprehended while crossing illegally are not
Overall, using the term "human" has been disingenuous all along because our government's role in addressing this child influx are false gestures that only attempt to "help" while leaving structural inequalities intact.
Our government isn't really invested in the well being of these children since our policies have played a great role in making them live as adults and placing them in harm's way all their lives.
Why such different regard from the government between these children and their parents when poverty, just like wealth, knows no age, but is rather inherited?
About 2,100 minors and family units are expected to go without a lawyer at the San Francisco Immigration Court this year
WASHINGTON -- Undocumented immigrant mothers and children are kept in excessively cold conditions, given undercooked food
My son is too young to understand what is happening in the news, but one day I will have to tell him why our country is treating the children from Central America so inhumanely. I'm not sure what I will say about this shameful moment.
The increasing number of migrant children being apprehended at the US border has finally focused media and political attention on the humanitarian plight of Central American migrant families.
Heading into the remaining months of this Congress, the goal for Young and others at KIND is to keep pushing back against
Those who say both should be given equal emphasis topped the other two responses, at 41 percent. That figure had dropped