While elementary school taught me the importance of saying sorry for my mistakes, my experiences in college have shown me how to live life unapologetically.
I hope that someday, coming out will be as simple and casual as sharing any other facts about my life. That's what keeps me going, keeps me telling others what I once swore I would take to my grave.
Mattel stirred controversy because Barbie got a photo shoot and spread in the latest swimsuit issue for Sports Illustrated. (Who wouldn't want to change places with her or a tan, globe-trekking supermodel for a day?!)
The visual messages being communicated could have negative connotations. Barbie isn't a real person. A woman is substituted for a doll. Dolls are toys. Toys are to be played with. Get the picture? This is a brand collision for Barbie.
Youyoung Lee joins Mike to discuss a town in Ireland where people are offended by Rihanna's breasts.
Check off another victory for the unvanquished Rihanna, who can no longer count her platinum-selling albums on one hand. The
"Diamonds" was the only single Def Jam dropped in advance of the album's release. Kanye West also remixed the track. "Diamonds
Though it's certainly an accomplishment worth celebrating, that's a pretty meager number. Consider this: Taylor Swift sold
We have reached out to Def Jam for comment on why the album is unavailable and will update the story as it develops. Spotify
Thanksgiving has come and gone, but the nation's critics didn't let their holiday meals prevent a fresh round of reviews
It's here. A moment in pop music where the artist set up to look the best, sound the best and actually be the best, lives up to the hyperbole and wins the prize.
Before taking off from Los Angeles, Rihanna ran up and down the aisles of the chartered plane, greeting her guests with an
We'll let you decide. Peep the track above. More on Rihanna and her 777 Tour is available here. HuffPost Entertainment will
Also: "My style like sex in the shower, fresh as f--k." The two have collaborated in the past, most notably on Jay-Z's "Run
Whether Rihanna's new duet with Chris Brown is called "Nobody's Business" or "Nobodies Business," one thing is clear: The
The singer premiered "Stay," a new song off her upcoming album, "Unapologetic." While the song usually features Mikky Ekko
Rihanna said "Diamonds" has replaced "Umbrella" as her favorite song she's ever made. "Even if you're in the club, it really
The exes, who broke up in 2009 after he assaulted her, are rumored to be dating again. Neither has confirmed the rekindled