unarmed black man

Gregory and Travis McMichael have been charged with murder and aggravated assault in Georgia, which does not have hate crime laws.
In February, Arbery was fatally shot in a Georgia neighborhood while jogging. On Friday, supporters will remember him with the hashtag #IRunWithMaud.
A black man who is believed to be unarmed was killed by cops in a Walmart parking lot.
Police shot and killed 34-year-old Saheed Vassell in Brooklyn yesterday when they believed the silver pipe he was holding was a gun.
The Baton Rouge Police Chief announced that one officer involved in the shooting death of Alton Sterling has been fired and the other has been suspended.
Dr. King's words remain vital even 60 years later. The fight today is much more than just about race. It's about who has the power. And the old guard is fighting tooth and nail to keep the power and keep things the way they are.
"Two years later, Jonathan Ferrell is still looking for help."
There are some actions that feel unavoidable. Perhaps going beyond to help our young brothers feel safe during a traffic stop is one of them.
This #BlackLivesMatter movement was not the result of a mandate by Congress or laws set forth by State governments. It is merely a fierce grassroots movement that has created enormous awareness to a series of incidents that have involved police shootings and unarmed black males.