But then there are times, like in today's political turmoil, or during a certain stage of life - that we are drawn to take
There has never been a more precious opportunity for those dedicated to evolving a more compassionate world to come into
If you're hesitant to accept my gift, consider the words of my late grandmother: "No matter how much you know, what you don't
No worries. Flipping the conversation But prompt uncertainty where you seek competitive advantage. Alter the balance of consequences
Life is very unpredictable and causes varied emotions and mind states, many of which are extremely challenging and difficult
As for the issue of identity, this may be the most difficult during divorce. The first unmasking occurs when you tell yourself
With the election two weeks away, it's difficult to focus on anything else. In addition to daily election news, there are
Why do we worry so much about what the Fed will do? And is there anything we can learn from this?
Moving to a center for the activity you want to pursue (e.g. Milan for fashion, Silicon Valley for tech) Action Implications
Change and disruption are everywhere. New technology creates new industries and disrupts established ones. Geopolitical strife is rampant. Trust in our institutions and the leaders who guide them is low. You don't know from where your competitor will emerge.
No fear of running out of money, because it would always be abundant. Love is an action, or series of actions, with uncertain
Embrace the uncertainty.
Are you going to be on the edge of your life (quietly reassuring yourself that it's ok here and that those jumpers are crazy anyway) or are you going to be the one that jumps straight into life, in spite of its uncertainty?
A year after Laleh Lewis said "I do," she learned the real meaning of "in sickness and in health."
On April 6th, the Wall Street Journal published an editorial that merits careful examination: "Jack Lew's Political Economy