No, you only have to go back to the cusp of the new millennium, 1999-2000, when another comic auteur was making his first
Stoller cites an episode he wrote called “Eric Visits Again” -- in which Eric (Jason Segel) comes to beat up Steven (Jay
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Tourette's-afflicted Ruth in "Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo" (1999): "There are some places I can't go -- NIPPLE BITER!" An
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Is there a specific example of something we would know? Oh, I wouldn't want to name names because, you know, some guy went
"I always try to make stuff that affects me and I think that if given the chance, a lot of music that doesn't seem like the formula of what might be a hit would be more popular. There's a lot of great music that doesn't sound like whatever. Everything sounds very dance-y now."