Air pollution is now at hazardous levels in the Chinese capital.
¿Hasta dónde estarías dispuesto a llegar por no morir? En esta película protagonizada por Ryan Reynolds, Ben Kingsley y Natalie Martínez, se analiza los limites de la moral a la hora de alcanzar un sueño de inmortalidad.
BEIJING -- "Under the Dome" displays the growing power of social media in China today. It is not a production of any official filmmaking companies, whose products have traditionally dominated the Chinese TV and film screens. This dominance, however, has been challenged by the rising mobile internet and social media. With an exploding 730 million user accounts of mobile Internet in 2014, more and more Chinese individuals are putting up their self-made videos on entertaining portals like youku and iQiyi,
In a country so far away from Americans, or those in other Western countries, China's environmental problems seem big. And, they are. But the human cost is less tangible or even understood, which is why I am writing about my friend, the 26-year-old with a lump in her breast.