underage drinking

Video shows an officer repeatedly punching 20-year-old Emily Weinman in the head during an arrest in Wildwood, New Jersey.
4. It's confusing for younger siblings. Younger children may have an especially difficult time understanding blurry rules
After a trying semester at college, most students are thrilled to come home, see family and friends and have the opportunity to relax. But remember-it may take some negotiating and a great deal of skillful communication in order to keep this vacation break safe and conflict-free.
The world's biggest brewer wants to reduce harmful drinking by 10 percent in 10 years.
North Carolina lawmakers are working hard to cut down on the billions of dollars it loses each year due to underage drinking
1. Establish your value message and communicate it clearly. To mitigate problem drinking, the most important message to convey
"People think it's a rite of passage that all kids are going to drink and experiment. That may be so, but the risk isn't taken out of it," said Denise Qualey, the Managing Director of Crisis and Clinical Services at Kids in Crisis.