Underage Prostitution

Police say a 17-year-old boy instructed his 15-year-old brother on how to operate the business out of their mother's home.
CBS has more: Police say that 17-year-old girl also called police and told them she recently ran away from an Antioch home
James Mozie, 35, was convicted of running a prostitution ring at his home, alternately called the Boom Boom Room and Lot
A second victim, then 16, said in court documents that Aaron approached her on the school bus after learning she danced in
Very Young Girls (2007) documents the lives of underage prostitutes, as young as 12, residing in NYC. Looking for a "daddy" or someone to "love" them, these very young callgirls turned to pimps.
How many children are being peddled on the streets of Portland and in other cities and towns, to say nothing of the Internet? Whatever the number, it is a national outrage and disgrace. And the problem is growing, not diminishing.
Thirty miles west of the Taj Mahal, on the road to the pink city of Jaipur, tourists on buses pass a sight that the guide