Undercover Boss

The Olympic gymnast is transformed into a middle-aged office manager.
We just had the official start of spring and, looking back on winter, we see that lots of blondes remained devoted to their fun, beachy colors through the cold months when lots of us follow tradition for darker, romantic reds and browns.
Challenges: Everyone can talk about the economic impact of the recession, and the many challenges that it brought to their
Hair was all over the place at the Grammy's in Los Angeles Sunday night, so much so that's it hard to put a finger on the pulse of any particular trend, and that's just fine!
H/T Jezebel Guller before and after his "Undercover Boss" transformation. Many people took to Twitter to voice their outrage
Donning faux facial hair and assuming a new identity, Larry H. Miller Group CEO, Greg Miller, spent a number of days undercover performing four distinct jobs within the Utah Jazz organization.
Get ready for a CBS marathon on Hulu. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network just locked in an extended licensing
As a connective leader in this way, you also evoke added benefits, via what I dub "The Halo Reinforcement Effects." As Hoffman
The episode featuring Newman airs tonight, Oct. 4 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS. While the CBS reality series "Undercover Boss" has
Tony was determined to change Jesus' life, and he did just that at the end of the hour. He gave Jesus $10,000 to start an
The CBS show disguises a CEO and places him or her at the lowest rungs of the company. The CEO gets an unvarnished look at
In the CBS' reality show, Undercover Boss, a boss gets a glimpse of the day-to-day operations in their own company. Now in it's fourth season, I've finally had enough.
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TVLine reports "Blue Bloods" will be back for a Season 3. "Blue Bloods" has been performing well for CBS on Friday nights
Bodal struggled as well in the processing plant, where he panicked over what he called boiling water -- John, his trainer
What does wine have to do with the Chinese Year of the Dragon? About 1000 cases if you are Iron Horse Vineyards and you make bubbly.
Was anybody rude to you while you were undercover? No, but one employee told me I was too slow and that she wouldn't recommend
Kendall-Jackson Vineyard Estates CEO Rick Tigner took center stage on the latest "Undercover Boss" (Sun., 8 p.m. EST on CBS
The Huffington Post obtained a clip of the show, featuring slapstick scenes of Tigner breaking bottles and fumbling through