undercover cops

The Baton Rouge Police Department apologized for the "inappropriate" photos of the white undercover cops.
In the spring of last year, two New York women were arrested on charges of supporting ISIS, following a joint investigation
In recent years, street gangs have taken control of America's child sex trafficking. The risk of a child testifying against one or more of these criminals is now life threatening.
The Los Angeles Police Department pioneered a high school drug bust operation in the 1970s. Under review in 2004, there was found to be no evidence that the program reduced drugs on school grounds, but there was found to be an increase of arrests in special needs students.
Although his primary goal was intelligence gathering, Stallworth also managed to stop crimes over the course of his investigation
A Texas woman has been arrested and charged with a felony for posting a publicly available photograph of an undercover police
Do you know who your Facebook friends are? Now that the Los Angeles Police Commission has approved new guidelines that allow LAPD to vastly expand its online spying operations, you should think twice.
She also alluded to the horrific Gilgo Beach murders to condemn the arresting officers, "There are 10 dead hookers out there
Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum make a hilarious crime fighting duo in 21 Jump Street, the movie based on the Johnny Depp TV series of the 1980's