With the dismal job market many college students have no choice but to take low-paying positions fresh out of college. HuffPost Live takes a look at life after graduation, the realities of the job market and how to make it in the 'real world.'
Being a single mother of four who barely survived under-employment, I worked through poverty. Even so, I lost my home to foreclosure and almost every ounce of dignity and self-respect in the process.
Where are all the educators who once warned their students so correctly about the dangers of paradigm shifts? Why are they not demanding reform and accountability within higher education today?
It's not just American youth struggling to recover from the recession and its aftermath. Worldwide, roughly 75 million workers
Because, let’s be real. You all ended up moving to Brooklyn and you’re still living with your freshman year roommate. Except
In many of my divorce cases, the hardest issue is determining someone's real income. Income impacts upon child support as
Full Segment: For every unemployed college grad, there are Ph.Ds waiting tables & people with a master's bagging groceries. We talk to them about how they stay sane & hopeful.
Underemployment still is rampant. 14.4 percent of American workers were unemployed, marginally attached to the workforce
Hourly workers like Kearney may see less income but would gain affordable health coverage that would protect them against
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