A new hashtag campaign has been making waves in the disability community and facilitating dialogue about how we see disability. #DisabilityTooWhite
The best part of traveling is finding adventure in unexpected places. This is probably why the speakeasy craze has become so popular. The speakeasy dates back to the 1920s and the Prohibition Era when the sale of alcohol was illegal in the United States. Soon, hidden saloons began to pop-up where patrons could drink in secret. Now, the trend is reborn.
A legacy of being devalued and forced to endure horrible injustices is continuing to morph into a story of radical survival, empowerment, and healing. In the words of Lemonade, "So we're going to heal. We're going to start again . . . The audience applauds but we can't hear them."
It's so easy to take the same route to work day after day and fall into a routine. Of course there's nothing wrong with routine, as long as it's serving you well. Routine can help give us structure and stability.