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The Manta Resort, Pemba, Zanzibar Ocean Suites At Sentosa, Singapore Why just swim in the sea when you can sleep in the sea
The moving hotel's owners plan to restore coral reefs wherever it's located.
According to the hotel's website, the three-story suites come with living rooms, dining rooms and even feature a bathroom
No one can predict the future of course, but looking into my crystal ball as I travel the world, I see a confusing few mash up trends that are my best bets on the coming future of travel in 2015...and beyond.
Udang House is one of Bambu Indah's 14 private restored antique houses guests can book. The eco-luxury resort offers a spa
For those looking for a more traditional stay, the Manta Resort also offers stunning seafront villas and garden rooms. The
If you missed out on being an astronaut, why not be an aquanaut? Just as an astronaut travels in space, an aquanaut travels under water. There are a surprising number of careers underwater. Scuba diving is one way to be an aquanaut.
Check out the slideshow below for more pictures of the Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental The hotel, designed by the British
2) It's pricey. But probably worth it. According to The Daily Mail, Dubai's aquatic resort, The Discus, is built to withstand
I found a variety of new subsea suites that are on their way to opening their doors -- or hatches -- to vacationers who have deeper notions of what an ocean view should be.
The planned hotel will feature 21 rooms, a dive center and a bar, all 32 feet below the surface of the ocean. Each guest