Fox News has repeatedly tried to justify separating migrant families and putting unaccompanied children into detention centers.
The Motel 6 budget lodging chain has discovered that two of their Phoenix locations have been sharing guest information with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Senior management claims to have not known about it.
But one organization is dedicated to keeping Latinos in the clinic.
Someday, we will no longer need to validate our own existence in this nation we built.
There is a new man tasked with enforcing border controls
There is a new man tasked with enforcing border controls
“You belittled me...but you were completely ignorant of my struggles."
Many of them are fleeing the ongoing violence in Central America.
I've been following the advice of the Freakonomics guys, who advise us to think like a child and ask seemingly naive questions in the pursuit of higher truths. So I asked myself, "Would something like the Homestead Act for undocumented immigrants be a good idea?"
The fundamental reason that I was accepted into an MD-PhD program is because I was given a chance. And yet at one point in my visa application process, the chance of obtaining legal residence became non-existent.
Undocumented students across Pennsylvania might have a chance of benefiting from in-state tuition at state colleges and universities.
The New York City initiative protects thousands of youth from deportation.
Families Express Their Grief After Undocumented Immigrants Kill Loved Ones