undocumented immigrant

The CNN host suggested Trump "clean house" to resolve contradictions between his anti-immigrant rhetoric and his history "of employing undocumented workers."
Residents in impoverished Puerto Rican communities in have been largely forgotten by federal and local government agencies.
Despite sensitive location politics, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been arresting undocumented immigrants near church-run shelters and schools.
Republicans have now, by my count, missed two rather large opportunities to improve their general standing with Latino voters. Donald Trump's speech Wednesday (unless it is further postponed or even cancelled outright, of course) might just become the third big missed opportunity.
"When public officials say it, others feel they can join in in this hate speech," said Amanda Alvarado Ford, immigration
Immigrant rights advocates are encouraging families to get ready for the possible implementation of two programs that could go into effect later this year. Both programs provide beneficiaries with temporary relief from deportation.
Today the immigration question is perhaps as divisive a force in American life as it has ever been, with leading presidential aspirants actually demonizing immigrants generally as criminals, deviants and undercover terrorists. In this season of celebration of Martin Luther King's birthday, it is important to revisit the factors that animated him in order to protect his memory from being misused to serve purposes that he would never embrace.
If there were anyone that wanted to fight violence with violence, it would be Jesus. If there were anyone who wanted swift justice by any means possible, it would be Jesus. If there were anyone that had a distrust of foreigners, it would be Jesus.
These new laws are fitting and just. They show that here in California, we recognize our state has been shaped by immigrants of many different ethnicities, cultures and experiences and that immigrants are our neighbors, friends and family.
Presidential candidate Donald Trump and several of his Republican competitors have now endorsed the notion of doing away with the very first sentence of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution.
"It’s like, literally true, and that’s why people hate it."
We are two first-generation undocumented immigrants from Mexico. We are the first members in our families to graduate from high school and attend college. Recently, you made statements referring to Mexican immigrants as criminals, rapists and drug dealers. We beg to differ.
Vargas, 31, expressed his excitement in a tweet. The California Supreme Court ruled in favor of allowing applicant Sergio
La Santa Cecilia (Marisol Hernández, José Pepe Carlos, Alejandro Bendaña, Miguel Ramírez) recently sat down with The Huffington
The recent influx of unaccompanied minors crossing illegally into the U.S. from Central America has prompted many elected
“She’s been trying to honor me for so many years and I never like it ... I feel like I’ve never wanted to receive this honor
Janet Murguía, president of the country's largest Latino advocacy group, has a formal warning for Republicans: Help the child refugees at the border and act on immigration reform, or say goodbye to the idea of winning the White House.
"We will not let the faces of hate define America to the rest of the world on how we address this emergency," Murguía said
But what is pretty clear is that if Obama does act, it is going to help Democrats in the 2016 presidential contest. The whole immigration reform issue is a gigantic trap for Republicans, and they will likely be unable to resist the urge to walk right into it.