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Know your rights and be safe.
I first noted this when a relative of mine sailed with a bunch of friends from Isla Mujeres in Mexico and disembarked in
Data is easy to misuse. Sadly, it’s also easy to fabricate.
My own immigration journey has a happy ending. For the rest of us, however, we spend so much time disproving the image that doesn't represent us -- that of the Central American woman or child -- that we are left with no time to tell our own story.
As Congress continues to debate whether to deport undocumented immigrants back to "where they belong," let's pause to consider what such a statement means. If you're anything like me, it should leave you perplexed.
Last year, then-Texas Governor Rick Perry, now a Republican presidential hopeful, deployed the state's National Guard to
While there was much said, and most of it was the safe sort of "hard-working immigrant" rhetoric that is essentially "political fluff," considering where we are in the very long 2016 race, she did say a lot of things that turn into political liabilities if not acted upon.
“I have been trying to get the president to pay attention to illegals in our country,” LePage told reporters then. “Because
“Everyone knows how tough it is to be a teenager…Now just imagine if you were also undocumented and had to keep that a secret
By Alistair Bell Bill Roy, a retired postal work from Manchester, New Hampshire, has voted for Democrats and Republicans
Children are by definition vulnerable. That's particularly true for girls and boys journeying alone, under unsafe circumstances, often fleeing violence. Mexico and the US have an obligation to apply the international principle of the "best interests of the child" as the gold standard for all dealings with underage migrants.
He understood a lesson that my American privilege allowed me to escape, nothing is easy when you're born into the "Third World," not even for a budding attorney. Somehow the world found his presence less desirable than mine.
Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) added a new argument to his harsh anti-illegal immigration rhetoric last week, claiming that undocumented
Click here to read other articles by Dinkar. In other words, this immigration reform bill has been drafted in such zealous
"The court's order is clear," Arpaio says in the video. "We will no longer detain persons believed to be in the country without
One thing NAFTA has taught us is that, if we expect employment growth in Mexico to materialize as a result of trade agreements, investments must be targeted.
Anti-immigrant forces have hijacked the debate on comprehensive immigration reform by calling for more border security when our borders are the safest they've ever been. Talk of immigration reform attached to greater border security should be viewed with caution by those truly interested in reform.
On Tuesday afternoon, a group of advocates against the use of the term "illegal immigrant" gathered outside The New York
Cantor declined to say whether he would support a pathway to citizenship for adults as well. He could be forced to take a