The bottom line is that a business-as-usual scenario does not work.
We're on track to see a global temperature rise of far more than 2 degrees Celsius.
While the grandfather and father searched the planet to know him, Bertrand Piccard runs through it to protect it. But rather
"2016 is set to be the year of green finance. Across the world, we are seeing a growing number of countries aligning their financial systems with the sustainability imperative."
In sum, the main message from the international finance community is that the appetite and interest is strong to invest in
So, during the darkest period of the Northern Hemisphere's year, 195 Nations decided each in turn to shine their independent
Using Green GDP as the new (and long overdue) default indicator will allow us to factor the value of a healthy environment for human life into the calculations political and economic decisions are based on.
I believe there is good reason to celebrate the outcome of COP21. However, let us all remember that when the celebration is over, words have to be exchanged with concrete action.
The last two weeks in the City of Light have been dedicated to defying terrorism and intolerance and moving the world toward a solution to climate change.
At the same time, we must ensure to keep the pace the climate debate has picked up high. We must continue to discuss and
This post is part of a "Nordic Solutions" series produced by The Huffington Post, in conjunction with the U.N.'s 21st Conference
Water scarcity is already a problem; it is not only a distant threat on the horizon. In fact, water scarcity already affects more than 40 percent of the global population and the proportion is expected to rise.
With this initiative, we can move even closer in the dialog on needs and solutions and accordingly we might be able to speed up actions addressing challenges not only on energy, but likewise on water. For the benefit of cities, society as well as for green growth.
To raise the presence, voice, and participation of youth in the UN House (as well- to tap into indigenous wisdom through native story-telling) during this important Paris Climate Change Conference, we have written and produced a youth-centered film, based on a powerful Incan Story of Creation.
This post is part of a "Nordic Solutions" series produced by The Huffington Post, in conjunction with the U.N.'s 21st Conference
I don't think we would have the world we know today without pumps. And to my best knowledge, we can change the world with pumps. We can dramatically impact the climate by using highly energy efficient pumps. With technology that exists today...
Should crimes against the environment and animals be addressed by an international criminal code and prosecuted by an international tribunal, particularly if national courts are unwilling, unable or deemed inadequate?
How can we be largely unaware that such an important piece of the earth's ecological puzzle -- two-thirds the size of the continental U.S -- is disappearing?
As we continue to consider the prospect for global water resources, we need first to make a major adjustment to how we measure