The bottom line is that a business-as-usual scenario does not work.
We're on track to see a global temperature rise of far more than 2 degrees Celsius.
Solar Impulse is wider than a Boeing 747, but she weighs like a car - 2.3 tons. The power of each of its four engines is
"2016 is set to be the year of green finance. Across the world, we are seeing a growing number of countries aligning their financial systems with the sustainability imperative."
Stay Tuned for Part III! 5. Turning to finance, optimism about a clean energy future will now be critical going forward into
3. As the sheer presence of so many Heads of State inspired all, country delegations also worked long hours in right spirit
Using Green GDP as the new (and long overdue) default indicator will allow us to factor the value of a healthy environment for human life into the calculations political and economic decisions are based on.
I believe there is good reason to celebrate the outcome of COP21. However, let us all remember that when the celebration is over, words have to be exchanged with concrete action.
The last two weeks in the City of Light have been dedicated to defying terrorism and intolerance and moving the world toward a solution to climate change.