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An incredibly important responsibility has been entrusted to Morocco as the President and host of this year's UN climate conference. Climate change poses the most significant challenge of our time -- and we must work together across the globe to urgently address this issue.
Encouraging more investments in clean energy creates an interesting dilemma for the Philippines, whose national administration
On November 8, 2013, typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines, resulting in unprecedented devastation in the country's history
These are very big news stories that may be linked to severe weather events and conflict happening around the world. But despite the importance of these issues, they apparently were not significant enough to be discussed in any detail during the presidential debates, and at best, were a blip on the evening news.
After I've had an opportunity to reflect more calmly and carefully on the implications of the forthcoming Trump presidency for environmental, natural resource, and energy policy, I will return to this topic.
Without a concerted effort to include more women in media portrayals of climate change, we fail to apply the lesson that inclusivity is an essential ingredient to winning the fight on climate action.
3) China can significantly increase use of non-fossil energy. Stemming the growth of energy use is just the first step. The
California can play a very important role by showing leadership -- in two key ways. One is to demonstrate a commitment to meaningful reductions in GHG emissions. In this regard, California has more than met the bar, with policies that are as aggressive as -- if not more aggressive than -- those of most countries.
Earlier this week, the Paris Agreement on Climate Change finally met the requirements for entry into force, marking a historic global moment and demonstrating unprecedented cooperation between the world's biggest carbon emitters -- including China, the U.S., the EU, and India.
27 countries representing 39.08 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions have now joined the Paris Agreement. According
There are a substantial number of issues that negotiators will eventually need to address, and likewise, there are a set of questions that researchers (including within the Harvard Project on Climate Agreements) can begin to address now.
Even with the addition of these four nations, as well as the 20 nations that already joined and the 23 that have publicly
We're well on our way to COP22 in Marrakech, and it is imperative to remember that the world, and in particular the poorest and most vulnerable, are expecting - no, needing - action. This action needs to be based on science, and supported by just and transparent public policies and private investments.
As the primary process moves toward a welcome conclusion, the fault lines within the democratic party are now registering
April 22nd is annually celebrated as "Earth Day" and what a better way to celebrate this wonderful day then with the signing of the Paris Agreement. This treaty, which will ultimately reduce global warming in our lifetime, was signed by more than 177 UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) members at the UN on Earth Day.
As more than 160 leaders gather in New York City for Earth Day's largely symbolic Paris Climate Agreement signing, critical support from companies, investors, civil society and sub-national governments, including cities and regions, should not be forgotten.
Lately, it seems, we've been plagued with disheartening stories and images about the state of nature and our earth--the climate