unhappy at work

Some people have a nagging feeling that the job they are in isn’t right for them. For me, it was a sudden, powerful realization
Now, what's even more important, I invite you to just be curious about what you're choosing and let go of any judgment. You're
Side note: anything on your list that is fear-based will keep you in the same place, the safety-zone. Keep in mind that true
For employees, suffering at work can lead to increased depression and substance abuse, and may also affect their relationships
When people start a new job, they generally do so with optimism and motivation, hoping to experience great success and fulfillment, and often many do. For others though, as time goes by, subtle signs of job dissatisfaction might start to creep in.
You're stuck. Dead-end job and strained relations with the spouse. Your pants are struggling to zip, and you just found a
You're sitting in another agonizing meeting and glancing at your watch. "I can't believe what a waste of time this is," you