unhealthy habits

Here's an example of just some of the ways in which I keep life flowing and in order, each of which have a different strategy
Leaving your fingernails and toenails unattended Your finger- and toenails should be three things: clipped, clean, and free
First step is acknowledging the problem.
The daily don'ts may seem harmless, but they could be sapping your energy, stressing you out, and giving you more unpleasant side effects.
Mother's Day is the time to show your mom some serious love. But how? Most of us love flowers and chocolate. So, consider getting mom a little of both. What we really treasure, though, is the priceless gift of time and conversation. And there are few things more important to talk about than your mom's health.
One of my Facebook friends is letting go of 50 percent of his Facebook time in 2015, and I think I might follow suit. How many relationships, interesting conversations, and business opportunities have you missed because you were glued to your screen?