At the height of lockdowns meant to curb the coronavirus pandemic, nearly 1.5 billion children were affected by school closures, said the U.N. children's agency.
The stars of "Pitch Perfect" recorded the rendition remotely to aid UNICEF.
After five years of war, Yemen’s poor health care infrastructure is unprepared to battle the pandemic.
About 86 million more children could live in poor households by year's end, per an analysis by UNICEF and Save the Children.
Intimate photos provide a look into how organizations such as UNICEF are working to help the thousands of child migrants there.
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The actor recalled her experience being picked on at school during a speech at the United Nations.
Each of the installation's 3,758 blue backpacks represents a child who died in conflict zones last year.
This week marks the eighth anniversary of the Syrian war’s start.
“No words will do justice to the children killed, their mothers, their fathers and their loved ones," UNICEF said.
News media reported this week that the World Health Organization (WHO) is moving ahead with the inclusion of “gaming disorder