unidentified flying objects

MORE FROM INVERSE: 7. A newspaper clipping accusing the CIA of suppressing talk about UFOs This document, titled "'Magician
Intelligence agency posts unexpected info about flying saucers.
Can the Donald build a wall high enough to keep these aliens out?
2) Did the military switch materials that Maj. Marcel brought back from the debris field and, instead, allow the press to
"I think this whole thing is fishy. If it's a lens reflection of the bright lights near the ground, which I suspect, then
"Hangar 1: The UFO Files" is on the History channel on Friday nights. Check your local listings for exact times. One early
Davenport's NUFORC was the source of information used by FindTheBest to create the UFO hotspot map in this story. For those
Of the 12,618 sightings considered under Blue Book, 701 have remained "unidentified" -- suggesting to UFO researchers the
Here's the second video recorded by Jennifer Schee on Saturday: Another ufocaptor commenter, Mark Testerman, wrote that he
There never seems to be a problem finding UFO stories to talk about. Year after year, people around the world report encounters
If the so-called Bell UFO is what actually crashed outside of Roswell in 1947, it would contradict the many military eyewitnesses
"What we try to do is set the standard and keep this whole field of UFO research fresh and contemporary," said convention
So, what, exactly, are we to make of all of this? The man who taped the event -- an alleged military combat instructor who
"Those random lights in the windshield seem to be blinking in and out and perhaps slightly moving against each other," he
What do you think? Although an Army spokesperson initially said it was not a military-related event, the Missile Defense
The National Atomic Testing Museum -- one of a handful of national museums -- is the most logical place to house an exhibit