unidentified flying objects

Some of these documents are about important, world-changing topics. Others are truly weird and mundane. Here are ten of the
Intelligence agency posts unexpected info about flying saucers.
Can the Donald build a wall high enough to keep these aliens out?
Here are some unanswered questions that continue to surround the 1947 Roswell UFO crash incident: Here's an excerpt from
When several callers phoned into San Diego's NBC News affiliate April 28, the station captured this unusual colorful grouping
"We were pretty sure we'd just seen a UFO." Filer described a typical report that he'd receive and which he included in his
"After we got latitude and longitude pairs, we could determine the number of UFO sightings that have been reported in counties
Watch President Clinton talk about aliens with Jimmy Kimmel: As John Podesta -- a senior advisor to President Barack Obama
Watch this news report on the Project Blue Book Collection. Approximately 130,000 pages of files from an official 22-year
Another ufocaptor commenter, Mark Testerman, wrote that he and others saw unusual lights, about a half hour after Schee's